Cost effective

How do you balance the need to reduce project operating costs with meeting environmental and safety requirements?

It’s not only the cost of hiring a generator. It’s the cost of the fuel to run it: diesel fuel costs can often be more than three times the rental price of the machinery. And that’s for each generator. The world is running out of cheap oil, and oil prices are rising as fuel security declines.

The answer is Green Power Solutions biodiesel powered generators.

Our generator packages can save you money, reduce the risk of downtime and minimise all the site hazards that come with traditional diesel plants.

We’ve seen many sites who are paying for generators that are too large or not properly suited to the requirement. To help you calculate your true power generation requirements our assessment tools will take into account your individual load profile and site applications. This means we can accurately calculate the correct size generator - or number of generators - you will actually use. So there’s no more paying for something you don’t need.

You don’t just have to take our word for it. One of our clients saved almost 70% of anticipated fuel costs simply by adopting this approach.

We meet your economic objectives by providing highly efficient, safe, cost-effective power generation to your site in any location, from 10kVA up to 500kVA and beyond.

Low-risk, low-cost means keeping your site operating, reducing your costs and complying with regulations.