Hiring from GPS

No matter what you need in smart, economical and sustainable power or lighting, GPS has you covered.

No matter what you need – a generator, a light tower, or a complete hybrid power and lighting system – or for how long you need it, the process is simple - Tell us what you need, when, where, and for how long. We’ll make sure you get the equipment that best suits your requirements. Choose to go “bare bones” - service and maintenance by callout, and supply your own fuel - or go with our Set & Forget program, with scheduled maintenance, and fuelling (either pay-as-you-go or pre-purchase based on expected usage) Complete the Hire Agreement paperwork. Either pick up your equipment from our Epping depot, or arrange delivery at the time of hire. Delivery charges will apply. That’s it. And, if in the unlikely event our equipment either develops a fault, or isn’t up to the job, we’ll either fix it or replace it. No ifs, buts or maybes.






The Slightly Fine Print

There are some important things you need to know both before you hire any of our equipment, and at the end of the hire period. These mainly concern transport of the equipment, by you or by us, and what happens at the end of a hire period.

Customer Pick-up and Return of Equipment If you elect to pick up and/or return equipment using your own transport, pick-up and return dates and times must be agreed in advance, particularly when those dates and times fall outside our normal trading hours (see the Special Delivery or Retrieval section for details). Responsible Safety We take safety and our legal responsibilities very seriously. As such, and irrespective of the type of transport you elect to use – flatbed trucks, trailers, etc – the transport must comply with applicable legislation and regulations in terms of load capacity, load securing methods and vehicle/trailer safety and roadability. If, in the sole opinion of Green Power Solutions and/or it’s agents, the chosen method of transport is not fit for the purpose of transporting our equipment (because, for example, the equipment exceeds the rated load capacity of the method of transport, cannot be safely secured, or the method of transport is not road-legal by virtue of physical, mechanical or electrical faults), we reserve the absolute right to refuse to load the equipment. Transport Charges Our charges for delivery and retrieval vary depending on the transport requirements of the item hired, your distance from Green Power Solutions’ depot and the time of delivery. Any delivery amount displayed is ‘one-way’ and for one load only. If multiple vehicles are required, we will contact you prior to confirm so there are no hidden or unexpected costs to you. Minimum Hire Period on Deliveries We do have a minimum hire period of 1 day on deliveries, four hours isn't quite long enough for our drivers to reasonably turn around and get back out to you. Normal Delivery and Retrieval Deliveries and retrievals are normally made during trading hours, Monday till Saturday afternoon. However, if you need a delivery or retrieval outside of these times, please refer to the Special Delivery or Retrieval section below. Safe Area for Delivery or Pick-up Our drivers are our family and making sure they get home safe each day is our priority. We ask you to ensure there is a safe area for our driver to unload, demonstrate the equipment and complete the paperwork. Delivery and Retrieval Time We generally aim to deliver or retrieve within a 2 hour window based on the expected start or finish time set on the booking. If, for any reason, we need to alter our delivery or retrieval window, we’ll immediately notify you. If, for any reason, YOU need to alter the delivery or retrieval window, please let us know as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that it generally isn’t possible to alter a delivery or retrieval time if the notification of an alteration comes within 90 minutes of the scheduled time. Special Delivery or Retrieval Sometimes, deliveries or retrievals do not fit into a normal ‘scenario’. These may include: Outside of business hours Monday to Saturday Sundays Delivery outside our standard delivery distance (25kms for metro, 50kms for regional and specialist branches) Special/large equipment delivery or retrieval In any of these circumstances, it may be that extra transport charges will apply. In any event, we will provide a written quote prior to any Hire Agreement being signed. Quotes Any delivery and/or retrieval will be quoted prior to any Hire Agreement being signed. All quotes will be provided in writing and, once accepted, cannot be varied within 48 hours of the agreed delivery and/or retrieval time. Off-hiring and Requesting Retrieval Off-hiring is the process whereby you notify us that the equipment is no longer required at the end of the agreed hire period, and that the equipment will be returned to the GPS depot or can be retrieved from site. Our equipment remains on hire, and therefore chargeable, until it is off-hired. To off-hire equipment either call or email Green Power Solutions (1800 GO GREEN / contact@greenpowersolutions.com.au), provide a record of equipment hours, and advise when the equipment will be returned, or arrange/confirm a retrieval date and time. In some circumstances, it isn’t possible to determine a specific time for retrieval of hired equipment when a Hire Agreement is signed. In that case, please call to arrange a suitable time. If possible, please call not less than 24 hours before retrieval is required. We aim to complete pick up within a few hours of "off hire", however this is not always possible. We will inform you of estimated pick up date/time. If you’ve elected to return the equipment, you must return it to us when due back at your expense. Ensure all the below conditions are met to avoid any extra charge. We also request you speak to our staff if you have any concerns regarding the safe pickup of our equipment before the equipment is off hired. At the time of "off hire", the use of the equipment must have ceased. Please always ensure there is a safe area for our driver to load the equipment and complete the paperwork. If our equipment required assembly (eg scaffold, temporary fencing etc) after delivery, it should be disassembled ready for transport when our driver arrives for pick up or hire continues. Our vehicles will need to have access and egress for any equipment that needs to be loaded by lifting devices and tilt trays. Equipment to be grouped together where it was dropped off, if there are any special circumstances please inform our staff when you call them for off hiring. If you are about any aspect of the delivery or retrieval process, please contact us on 1800 GO GREEN. The Serious Fine Print Hiring equipment from us is subject to a commercial Hire Agreement. The terms and conditions of the Hire Agreement are set out in detail elsewhere on this website. Click on the following link to see and read the terms and conditions. Please note that, at the time of signing the Hire Agreement, you will be required to sign an acknowledgement that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.


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