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Silent, emissions-free power for all kinds of applications where noise and pollution reduction are big issues.

Its so much more than a big battery. Its quiet, efficient power for construction sites and events, without the background drone of generators. Its power delivered silently so that sites can continue to operate 24 hours a day without causing undue upset to residents.

So, skip all the tech specs that follow, click on the button below, and let’s start getting you up to speed on the quiet power revolution!

Its just a big battery, isn't it?


Dramatically reduce fuel costs, cut CO2 emissions and improve air quality.  Clean, silent power where, and when, you need it

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Another one of our most availed products is the Green Power Solutions power cube. They are the ideal silent diesel generators that are capable of functioning continuously. A common misconception that people have about power cubes is that power cubes are just big batteries. However, power cubes are so much more than just big batteries. They are efficient and handy powerhouses capable of giving a large amount of energy. Green Power Solutions has two variants of the power cubes, single-phase and three-phase. The single-phase power cube provides power outputs of 240kWhr while the three-phase power cube provides outputs of 240 to 400 kWhr.

One of the most attractive features of these power cubes is that they are extremely silent. They use led-acid gel type batteries with energy storage capacity between 33 and 40 kWhr and a recharge cycle of 4 to 7 hours for 100% restoration. They are silent diesel generators, without the background drone noise of traditional generators. They are the ideal choice of power if you are from the welding industry. Welders find our power cubes functional and handy. Its power outputs are surprising even to us as it is a masterpiece of a power generator, capable of silently delivering power for up to 24 hours a day without causing any undue upsets to its users.

Another reason Green Power Solutions’ power cubes are preferred more than any other power generators is due to its low carbon emission. Carbon emissions are caused by improper combustion of the fuels. One of the reasons this happens is due to improper maintenance. We offer our products with prime levels of efficiency maintenance such that they have drastically low levels of CO2 emissions. Many customers seek after our silent generators for hire. Our power cubes function so efficiently that they dramatically reduce fuel costs and improve air quality for workers. Leading Victoria and Australia to a pollution free environment, here is your path to clean, silent power where, and when you need it.

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