Cutting Edge Research & Technology

Cutting Edge Research & Technology

The Green Power Solutions team is made up of technicians and engineers. All our fuel is quality controlled, handled with care and stored correctly at all times. Our industry-leading biodiesel powered generators are in pristine condition and fully serviced with a comprehensive maintenance program.

We’ve invested a lot of time and resources into producing Australia’s cleanest and most reliable biodiesel powered generator. Over the last 20 years we’ve collaborated with engine manufacturers and research facilities, including RMIT Victoria.

Our readiness to be curious, to continue our journey of discovery, means the most updated and forward-thinking sustainable energy solutions are among our service offering. In addition, 24 hour remote monitoring of all our on-site generators is standard. All our generators have telemetry monitoring that ensures we know what’s happening with our equipment at any given time.

Together with our manufacturing partner Shindaiwa, we’ve placed more than 1,000 generators across Australia. Japanese-made Shindaiwa generators are world-renowned as being the premium product in this area, bringing you the ultimate in efficiency, reliability and sustainability. Read more about Shindaiwa products technical specifications here.

120 kVA biodiesel generator

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