A hybrid energy system, or hybrid power, usually consists of two or more renewable energy sources used together to provide increased system efficiency as well as greater balance in energy supply.

Hybrid energy systems convert renewable energy such as wind and sun to usable electricity. As in most cases the amount of electricity produced by the renewable energy source does not match exactly what is being powered. So, for this reason an energy storage system is used to collect the renewable energy and store it in a battery system. Now, as real world applications the power demand usually outweighs the collected & stored renewable energy, a diesel generator is required in the system to assure uninterrupted power supply.

Hybrid technology is not a new concept and is commonly used in remote areas where normal grid power is not readily available. There are various suppliers of Hybrid “Off Grid” solutions that are designed to a specific load, that is, the size of the house requiring the off grid power. This allows the design team to build an off grid system capable of supplying the correct amount of power required by the source. GPS does not have the luxury to build to order as the application for our Hybrid generators are for temporary power supply on various sized sources. This created a new aspect to the design and build of a robust and stable battery pack and controlling system to cater for and range of different scenarios.

Integrating Hybrid technology was a natural progression for GPS as it complements our company’s focus on Efficiency, Reliability & Sustainability. We spent several years trialling various technologies and developing in-house intellectual properties to ultimately offer a quality hybrid generator solution for the temporary power market with the following benefits

Greater efficiency – Use of renewable energy

Greater reliability – Hybrid generators have 2 sources of power giving redundancy to the demand

Greater sustainability – Solar energy collected, stored then used is a free and renewable source of energy which ultimately reduces the time a generator must run.


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