Products that work the way they should

Our track record of proven efficiency, quality and reliability comes from our commitment to researching and developing the best technology.

We provide the highest quality, the quietest, most fuel-efficient and the lowest emission generators in the market, as well as full data reporting and a system that maintains efficiency by proactively removing potential issues before they become your problem. Our proprietary telemetry system provides data that enables us to keep the generator running at 100% efficiency throughout your project.

Never experience the frustration that comes from late-night breakdowns or fuel outages at critical moments of your project or event. All our biodiesel-powered generators are supplied in pristine condition, fully serviced and having had a regular maintenance program performed by our team of experienced technicians and engineers.

We have nothing to hide. We are proud of what we can achieve, so on all qualifying jobs we validate our claims by providing the customer a monthly report, including all activity on that site, fuel deliveries generator statistics – i.e. run times and location and a certificate on carbon reduction for that period.

Speak to one of our consultants to find out how we can improve your power supply’s reliability and  reduce your overall costs.

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